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“I want to update you with regards to how impressed I am with your software. I started playing the lottery here about month ago and used your software to pick the numbers to play. The first time I played I won $450. The second time I won $86. The third time… I was the sole winner of a 7.5 Million jackpot! Your software is so easy to use and makes playing the lottery not only fun, but profitable too. Thanks so much for such a useful product!”

Kris from Georgia

“I bought Lotto Logic Pro a while ago and it more than paid for itself, recently i bought Lottery Looper and it quickly has given me serveral winners from the pick 3, Rolling Cash 5 and Classic Lotto. Put it this way enough that i’m going to use the money to spoil my mum and take me and my husband and kids away somewhere nice. This is an amazing life changing amount for me and my family, everyone in my family was so happy for us. I had a feeling I was going to have a big win when I bought lottery looper and started playing with it! Thank you guys. Regards Beth”

Bethany Davies from Cincinnati, Ohio

Abilene Gabin from Hollywood, California writes:
New Version – Congratulations for the new version of Lottery Looper it’s Gold baby Gold i tell ya. I think it is perfect. Thanks! Great new feature i simply LOVE IT!

Colorado Lottery:
Lottery Winner – Congratulations! Greg won $9.9 million in the Colorado Lottery thanks to Lottery Looper.

Billy Johnson from Hamilton, Ohio writes:
Classic Lottery – I wanted to inform you that the recommendation was 28 past draws with 36 games entered for the Ohio Classic lottery and I matched 5 numbers in one line for $1521 not only that no it doesn’t stop there i also had another 4 numbers in 3 rows, yes count em three rows for a total of an additional 340. This is an amazing breakthrough program!”

Michael Billings from Plano, Texas writes:
I swear by it now too – I used to play our local lotto years ago but the best i would normally do was 2 of 5 numbers rarely 3, in a nutshell i was paying not playing. At work a couple weeks ago a friend at lunch was talking about your Looper and he swears it works, so… I decided to use it too to help me play. I swear by it now too, i only used it three times and won 4 out of 5 numbers on the Texas Cash Five, I won a total of $547. I only spent about 20 bucks on tickets and where that would be normally be 20 bucks out the window, lol. Thx!

Jacob Rusniak from Granite City, Illinois writes:
Show me the money – I used range finder to select numbers to play the Illinois Lucky Day Lotto using a range of 18 and 5 tickets and another with 5 numbers and 8 tickets. I won $38,829.50 with the 8 number and $273.00 with the 5 number! I previously used your lottery software the same wheeling system to play the Missouri Show Me Cash game and won over $39,000.

Robert Bills from Cocoa, Florida writes:
Time Tested – I have tremendous success with your range tracker technology…after 2 years i’m nearing $90,000 as the first of this month.

Peter Shinkoda from Missouri writes:
My lottery pool thanks you – My Lotto Pool, the “The Lucky Ducks” has hit 5 numbers 27 times using the program. We normally play Powerball and Missouri lotteries. While we haven’t hit the big one as of yet, we have been winning consistently enough to know its in our best interest to continue using your strategies. We normally play out the number system with a range of 18, and since there are 12 of us we get 12 games or tickets. The best part is none of us has had to donate any of our own money to the pool in years since we started to use them, if anything we seem to always be lining our pockets with some extra cash.”

Arthur Patrick from Amberg, Wisconsin writes:
Very Useful – I have been using Lotto Logic Pro for a few weeks now and have found it to be very useful. So useful, I won $750 playing the Wisconsin SuperCash game the first time out on a $10 play!

Marc Reed from Whiting, New Jersey writes:
Snap! – I won $940.00 playing the New Jersey lotto the first time I used the Lottery Looper!

Hudson Price from Laguna Hills, California writes:
Always winning something, incredible! – Writing to let you know, I have won something every single time I have played using your lottery software program! Sometimes it’s only a free ticket, and I have won several 4 of 5’s at times and also numerous multiples. Thank you so so much!”

Jonathan Lindell from Houston, Texas writes:
I won over $510,000 – I won over $510,000 playing the Texas Cash 5 lottery and Lotto Texas since I started using Lotto Logic Pro. Most of it was on a single win beginning of this year playing lotto Texas i regularly play and win small amounts. Before the big win I had also has won 1950.00 playing the Texas Pick 3 game using lottery Looper, this stuff works!, Thanks!

Cadence Adkins writes:
In only two weeks – In the first two weeks of using Lotto Logic Pro I won $1922.00.

Liam Cahall from Inglewood, California writes:
Best lotto software available – I love the latest versions of Lotto Logic Pro and Lottery Looper, especially with the ability to know the ranges to create powerful numbers to play the lotto with, mostly I really appreciate the ease of use compared to other lotto software, you have made available to the public a powerful system that is easy to use. I find using this software eliminates the necessity of creating my own numbers by using several other systems, nice to only have to use one to produce results. Been using lotto logic for many many years and now lottery looper since beta, i can honestly post that i’ve won well over 100 k with these systems.

Joseph Grady from London, Ohio writes:
I downloaded Lotto Logic Pro Wednesday. – Played the Ohio Classic Lotto with the range of 18 and hit 5 of 6 numbers. The ticket is worth $57,000.00. Thanks for such a great program… I highly, highly, highly recommend it!!!.”

Jimmy Molloy from Florida writes:
Both work well – Hello, I wanted to let you know that I won $65 on our Cash 3 using Lotto Logic Pro and proceeded later on to win $937 playing our Fantasy 5 game using Lottery Looper.

Nathan Moore from New Zealand writes:
Best Results – My best results since using Lotto Logic Pro was a win of $741.00 on a $5 set of tickets using a range of 26. My best results since using Lottery Looper was $1100 on a set of 5 tickets on the same game different draw dates though. As i said these are the best programs for results available!

Cid Peters from Oakland Park, Florida writes:
Just to let you know – Last night I was playing Florida Cash 3 and Play 4. I used lottery looper’s range locator and it recommended a cutoff of 15. I hit both games boxed in one night, UNBELIEVABLE!!! You have an amazing app.

Dean Addel from Rosamond, CA writes:
Simply the best! – I downloaded the Lotto Logic Pro a few weeks back. I remember the second time I played the California Fantasy 5 and got 4 tickets with 3 numbers and one free play. I’ve spent well over $100 with other systems with no results even close to this, i only wish I’d found your site much sooner! I use your program for 3 and 5 numbers daily, simply it is the best!

Michelle Wilson from Hayward, Wisconsin writes:
I won $250K – I’m writing as I wanted to let you know that I won $250,000 playing the Wisconsin Super Cash game. I hit all 6 numbers by playing hot numbers in Lotto Logic Pro. I used the range system with 12 tickets. Thanks!

Wendy from California writes:
I WON THE FIRST TIME! – I downloaded the program on Wednesday, played Saturday’s Super Lotto drawing and won $2,400.00! This program is not only easy to use it really works too.

Sophie from Trenton, New Jersey writes:
Jersey Cash 5 – I have been using Lotto Logic Pro for 5 months now. In this time I have won over $2,900.00 playing the Jersey Cash 5 usually spend about $22.00 a day, on average. Just purchased your lottery looper program today as well. Thanks for the meaningful software systems that work!!!!!!!!!

Arnold from Fort Lauderdale, Florida writes:
I approve this software! – Hello I want to say thank you so many times for your program. I have been using the program for quite a while now and i remember back when i won right off the start, I hit several draws in a row playing the lotto actually. It was about $500.00 dollars on a cash 3 ticket in my state of Florida. I also hit in Fantasy 5 and Mega as well with some nice win returns. I found you through the internet, when i went to tell some of my friends about your software, they already knew hahaha. It works, not much more to say except… Thanks!

Hal Weaver from Canada writes:
I have to say playing the lotto is much more fun when you’re winning! – I purchased your program around xmas this year and I have to tell you that I’m known as the Keno man in my neck of the woods. January and February I played 3 number Keno for $2.00 bets and I win at least 4 to 5 times a week. The luck as turned to a really good habit, thank you for your program. I always play small, little risk, then again I win allot so that’s perfect cool with me.

Desiree Ross from Garland, Texas writes:
I can’t believe it – I won $1,420.00 playing the Texas lotto, this thing is real!

Brod Pete from Waterloo, Iowa writes:
Straight out of the box – It really works!!!!! I downloaded, picked my favorite game Powerball and won my first win in 10 draws. Thank you!!! Now I am in my 5th week of using Lottery Looper and I purchased your program as the unlimited time trial proved it has the value. Still $790.00 ahead and of course I will let you know when I hit the full Jack Pot of 100K i have come so close so many times it seems like only a matter of time for a big hit soon.

Suzanna Daniels from Medford, New Jersey writes:
Winning!!! – I won $850.00 playing the New Jersey lotto the first time I used the Lotto Logic Pro trial version!

Jacob Allen from Cambridge, Maryland writes:
I love Lotto Logic Pro. – I hit 4 out of a total six numbers playing the Maryland Powerball lotto game after that i recently hit 5 twice in a row. Thanks, Come on big one!

Carlene Waters from California writes:
I did very well – I played the CA Super Lotto Plus and with the help of Lotto Logic Pro a Total cash for the last draw was $2,221. The best software i’ve used and saved me allot of effort!

Brenda Cook from New Jersey writes:
recently won – The statistical tools incorporated in Lotto Looper Pro are surprisingly quite good. Based on the locator and information for advised picks, I won second place in the New Jersey Pick-6 Lottery! It’s helped me decide, we’re going to finally take that family trip!

Jacqueline Foster from New York writes:
Recommended – After I downloaded the unlimited free trial of Lotto Logic Pro i decided to buy it after I hit with one of your ranges on the New York Pick 4 and won just over $600.00. Thanks!

Edwin Herzog from Germany writes:
Won again!!! – I did it again, i won again this time with the Plus Lotto in Liechtenstein. I made my own numbers with the range of 34, bought 8 tickets. Your program is so good that one ticket had 5 numbers, and other 2 tickets had 4 and it does not end there one ticket with 3 numbers. Lotto Logic Pro is the best of all the lotto software programs on the internet, having bought many other programs that are more expensive, and never came close to winning i had not much hopes, i only love to use this software for information but Lotto Logic Pro turns out is the BEST, thank you.

Deena Fletcher from Wichita, Kansas writes:
Thanks for the 100K – I won $100,000 playing the Kansas powerball Lottery, I just bought the program on saturday and won $100,000 the following wednesday’s draw!

William Cassidy from Homestead, Florida writes::
I won!!! – Unbelievable!!! I won $27,493.42 playing the Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery. I had only used Lottery Looper for 2 weeks before I won the first prize! I shared the prize with 19 other winners. Since then I have hit 4 of 5 numbers at least 22 times! As so many others say, so glad i found this software.

Jeff Green from Muncie, Indiana writes::
OMG!! – I matched the Indiana Daily 3 for $750.00 playing a straight pick “248” that I created using lotto looper with a range of 25 as suggested. I ordered lottery looper this morning with the utmost confidence in your program and support. Thank you!

Julie Franco from Australia writes:
I was the lucky winner – I am the lucky winner of the Australia Lotto!!!!!!!! The 1st division prize was shared between 8 winning tickets. I used your system and created 4 tickeets through which one hit and I received a total prize of $189,000.00. You will interested to know I had compiled my numbers through your program using a range of 18 as determined by the range locator. Your program is the one when it comes to playing the lottery. THANKS!!!!!!

Gail Hough from the UK writes:
Great News – Last night in the UK I decided to not be overly zealous so i decided to only play hot numbers and won £250.00 on my 1st serious attempt using your program. I normally play the lottery on Roll Over and this is the 3rd win I’ve had since using the program in this year. Total winnings to date from your program about £600.00 and total spent on the lottery is £100.00 excellent results i can see now why everyone recommends lotto logic. Just bought lottery looper I’ll let you know how i make out.

Tia Walburn from Kentucky writes:
Easiest to use – I’ve downloaded your version of Lotto Logic Pro i was using it to pick numbers and got 4 numbers right on the Kentucky 6/42 game and I’m impressed! I was using Gail Howard software that I bought and cost well over a hundred dollars and I didn’t understand it all. I’ve tried your software and got numbers correct the first time. I think Gail Howard’s Smart Luck software is ancient out of date and nothing but a cash grab because how does yours works like it claims too and hers doesn’t and not only that it looks out of date.

Frank Theo from Westwood, NJ writes:
Amazing product – Thank you very much for such an amazing product. I recently purchased Lotto Logic Pro the other week. after I hit the New Jersey Midday Pick 3 game 4 times boxed of course.

Andrew Stevens from Georgetown, DE writes:
It works! – I found your program online with a Google search. Lotto Logic comes highly recommended all over the internet. I downloaded it, set up my data for Delaware. The very first time using your program I used hot and cold numbers for 12 tickets. I hit four numbers on four of the tickets and won over $200. Excellent ROI on a $12 investment. I ordered your program, and hoping to win a much more. Thanks! ?

Kip Thorne of Conroe, Texas writes:
regularly hit three – I won just over $1200 playing the Texas Lotto. Lottery Looper hit 5 out of 6 numbers where i notice it regularly hit 3 with an average of low 20’s of past draws, hitting 5 numbers using this program made me happy i bought it.

Neil Steiger from Ripley, New York writes:
Lotto Logic Pro just paid for itself ? – I purchased Lotto Logic 2 weeks ago and been using it to play the New York lottery. I used Lotto Logic Pro’s suggestion of 12 recommended past draws and won $1,340 the other night. Lotto Logic Pro is literally worth it ?

Barry Engles from Abilene, Texas writes:
won over $3500 – I won over $3500 playing the Texas lotto. In my lastest win I had 3 tickets with 4 matches and 14 tickets with 3 matches. The best!

Ellen Mitchell from Boca Raton Florida writes:
I’m RICH!!! – I won an outstanding $45 million playing the Florida Lotto using Lotto Logic Pro!

Samual Graddy from New Jersey writes:
Thanks! – My wife and I have won approximately $22,249.00 using Lotto Logic Pro over the years. It is without any doubt the best program we have ever used for playing the New Jersey Pick 4. Your new program lottery looper has given us the extra money we have been looking for to enjoy a few extras in life. We win so regular with these programs that the lottery agent knows our names! ?

Milan Gajic from Geneva, Switzerland writes:
Euro Millions – I’ve been using Lotto Logic Pro to play the Euro Millions game here in Switzerland. I’m pleased to report that I used the range feature, played a combo of hot and due numbers and won two weeks in a row. Great software!

Andrew from Jacksonville, Florida writes:
5th times a charm – On my 5th use of Lotto Logic Pro I hit 5 numbers in the Florida lotto and won $7,822. Before Lotto Logic Pro I won nothing. Great software. Highly recommended!

Alex from California writes:
Love winning! – Thanks for your software program Lottery Looper. I haven’t been using it much lately until the 1.1 update a couple weeks ago, finally a manual, thanks. I play the California Fantasy 5 mainly and always spend 5$ on tickets. The numbers last draw and the draw before i won 2 in a row. Giving me a total of $700 in only 2 draws! You know i just wanted to let you know that your software really does work!

Nick Frankland from Deerfield Beach, Florida writes:
Hit 5 numbers – I wanted to write you and let you know that last night I hit 5 numbers on the Florida Lotto with Lottery Looper using 22 past draws as recommended by the locator.

Anton Ohno from New York writes:
Lotto Logic Pro – I downloaded your 7.0.7 version of Lotto Logic Pro not to long ago, then there was a FREE update, then another and were at 7.1.1 now. I played the ranges numbers for the New York Midday game and hit for $12K straight and another $400.00 boxed two week ago. You can count on another regular totally satisfied customer!”

Steven Poash from Polk City, Florida writes:
A solid concept – Hello, I noticed that you properly use prediction optimization where as no other program out there does. They all do wheeling which is of no use; and not serving any purpose towards reducing your odds.
Also the concept i read in one strategy is to not play any number set that has ever won? When you introduced the concept of that old data is useless because they change machines and balls randomly makes complete sense and throws a real wrench into these other concepts, they can’t argue with the truth.
Thank you for a solid design concept, range finder, i win more often with lottery looper than any other program out there and i feel strongly it’s due to this software’s solid foundation, and not hocus pocus BS, then you get these other clowns giving you somewhere around 10 years of data, like they want you to lose or something, obviously they only want my money.
It’s good to know that a company out there has our best interest in mind, and i imagine that’s just good business in the long run.

Carol Paile writes:
Going strong – In the first seven days of using Lotto Logic Pro I won $588.00.

Doug Burrows from Gainesville, Florida writes:
Verified it works – I bought the program 3 weeks ago and hit 4 numbers last draw on one ticket and 3 numbers on two other tickets and won $75.50. I played the Florida lotto and I only bought 5 tickets, not bad.

Christina Gonzalez from Santa Barbara, CA writes:
Unreal – I won an unbelievable $32,000 playing the California Fantasy 5 game with Lotto Logic. Thank you for a great program!

John Morgen from Curacao, in the Caribbean writes:
4 out of 6 not bad – I hit 4 numbers in the Florida lotto, I used the range of 14 as the program suggested bought 12 tickets and won a total of $122.00. I love your program, With a little luck and your logic I hope to win the big one. Lotto Logic is the BEST.

Rachel Meyers from Vero Beach, Florida writes:
new lottery software – I purchased Lotto Logic in year 2004 and have been very pleased with the product. I recently purchased lottery looper and am looking forward to the all the free updates i did with lotto logic over the years. if it’s half as good as lotto logic pro this is going to be as fruitful a purchase. Over 8k in wins and counting. Thank$$$

Erin Mills from Ironville, Ohio writes:
Hello – Hello! Just wanted to write little thank you note. I’ve been using your software program for years now and can attest how well it works at proividing easy to understand information, unlike these other programs out there where you totally have to be some guru tecky ready to land on mars. i just want easy to read quick infor which is easy to navigate. Overall it works well all the time i love how easy it is to use on a weekly basis. I play the big games and also wanted to let you know i won a tidy littel sum just under 10k in the ohio pick 5 Thanks to your great product!!!!

Will Watson from Milan, IL writes:
Hit the Illinois Pick 3!!! – I nailed the pick 3 with the fireball last night for $500.00 using Lottery Looper. Right after i ordered the full version too. Thank you for such an outstanding program.

Piers Bourdain from San Antonio, TX writes:
Average wins have increased – I have to admit that the amount of times i win with your program using one five dollar ticket on the cash 5 Texas Lotto has dramatically increased. I normally set the range using the tracker and use 2 hot and 2 low and one of my own numbers. Haven’t hit any big oines yet but you do notice the information advantage your software provides, i couldn’t imagine playing without it now. I can say i’m way ahead of what i usually spend on the lottery as a month or so back I won 4 out of 5 places in the cash 5 for $360. I highly recommend your program to everyone interest in playing the lottery intelligently.

Colin Mitchell from Wisconsin writes:
Another satisfied customer. – Writing to let you know that using your lottery app I won last nights Wisconsin Daily Pick 4 for $800. Purchased your software!

Office Lottery Pool writes:
Powerball Winners – We won the massive Lottery Jackpot several months back using Lotto Logic, after the over 400 million was split we all pretty much went our own way and now that things have calmed down in my life i thought how rude of us all, we never gave credit where credit was due, THANK YOU LOTTO LOGIC!!!!! Does Lotto logic work HECK YEAH!!! nuff said.

Jack Wright from California writes:
Knowledge is power – I always passed on software for the lotto as pure scams, i was out one night at the horse races and meet up with this one fellow who was very much into the stats for playing the horses and long story short, i mentioned how he was so into the stats and he said bluntly “It’s the only correct way to play and win, it’d be like playing the lotto with no knowledge” I then asked hiom you play the lotto this way too? His reply and no lie, “Lotto Logic, look it up, thank me the next time you see me.” So i took his advice and viola, win, win, win sure they aren’t million wins but i can honestly say my wins have rocketed, so yeah i owe him a big thanks and am also writing just to say THANKS to you guys.

Hale Marks from Mohave County, AZ writes:
Great start – Thx for the software, i like it, won a $78.00 playing Arizona Fantasy 5 lotto.

Lewis Chaps from San Antonio, TX writes:
Phenomenal – I’ve won numerous times using your program lottery looper. I usually play cash 5 Texas Lotto. I use 14 past draws pick middle ground numbers usually green ones. Every draw isn’t a win but when it’s hot look out, great program. Last month I won 4 out of 5 places in the cash 5 for over grand. I can highly recommend your program for helpful information on numbers to play the lottery.

T. Barot from Greensboro, North Carolina writes:
Trustworthy – I want to let others know that you are a trustful developer. I recently had the extreme displeasure of dealing with another company that would not honor their promise of unlimited free program upgrades and unlimited technical support. My computer crashed after 14 years so i ask you for my codes and within hours, absolutely NO HASSLE WHATSOEVER i received them and i ordered Lotto Logic from you well over a decade ago, still the best program in my opinion, anyway i try and get my codes from the other place and they tell me i need to buy it again, REALLY??? i only bought thiers a couple years ago, after emails back and forth i just gave up and i’m certainly not going to buy it again as it never really worked well at picking numbers anyway. At least a trustful, honest developer still exist so i just want to thank you and let other know. People love to complain but hardly do anything when something is good, so once again, Thank You! This is the first time i’m impressed with the integrity of a website, I will let everyone know about Lotto Logic Pro.

Charl from South Africa writes:
Frequent 4 out of 6 – I used your software and frequently get the won with 4 correct out of 6. Now hoping to win with the full 6 0f 6 jackpot, wish me luck.

Nathan Eddy from Texas writes:
It’s good – I downloaded Lotto Looper to use for the Texas Lotto, it’s well designed and has great potential, i usually play about 10 tickets, all the numbers are in the lines a great deal of the time, it really does home in on those lucky numbers. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone who wants a solid informative fun program.

Christina Gonzalez from New Zealand writes:
Now i know why everyone is recommending lotto logic – Everywhere i turn on the web people are talking about Lotto Logic, Lotto Logic, Lotto Logic, Lotto Logic, Lotto Logic so i thought i’d take it for test drive. I downloaded it and tried it out for a couple weeks, i was really putting it to the test. I’ve never won anything substantial in our New Zealand lottery ever. I didn’t buy any tickets during the tests, the results were very impressive so I bought $10 of tickets. I am delighted to report that I made a small winnings of around $140. Tried it again the week after, and again, same results. I am so impressed at how well Lotto Logic Pro increases the odds and fun factor of the game so much.

Mike Callen from Ohio writes:
Glad i found this – WOW, I’m so excited that I wanted to write you and let you know. I purchased Lottery Looper. I used the programs range number and it suggested 17 past draws, I created 10 tickets for the Ohio Lotto and amazingly enough i WON All in the same draw. Marvelous software!!! Lotto Looper proved to me that everyone whom claims it is a very powerful tool is correct, i know allot of people enjoy playing the lottery, but this program brings so much more fun to the game by giving you fighting chance. Lottery Looper instantly paid for itself and then some. Thank you, for making a software solutions worth its weight in gold, phenomenal product.

Patrick from Washington state writes:
Happy – You know i thought i’d try some lottery software and from what i can tell this is the one people around the net recommend, as the non BS program as in not posting scam winners and what not, most honest, it is what it is and does a good job at it. Ironically enough my first run i won over 100 bucks, lol, the next several runs not so much but always got more than my ticket investment back, overal i don’t regret buying it, it’s pretty good software, I find the range locator a pretty unique feature and the last Washington state daily game and won $50.00! Can’t complain.

Ron Wilkinson from Colorado writes:
Ahhhhh the relief – Ron Wilkinson from Colorado writes: I won 2.6 million playing the Colorado lottery using Lotto Logic as a guide to select numbers, i’m going with 25 installments so i don’t blow it all at once. It’s a hell of good feeling i’ll tell ya. Thanks!

Cliff Duncan from Trinity, Florida writes:
at first – I would like to say i was skeptical at first after reading all the rave reviews but, I tried it anyway and for the first time ever i’m a believer and won $840.50 on the second try and is what made me a believer. Since i already ordered before i realized your software works, it’s already the best ROI software! I never won more than 10 dollars using random quick pics, but your software makes it playing the lotto fun and it’s very easy to use.

Tom Nagin from Pennsylvania writes:
Built in back test – Hello, after studying late sunday a sheet of results, I decided to use software so i got the unlimited free trial of lottery looper on my surface tablet. I wanted to play the PA Treasure Hunt, and get a hot range for selecting numbers. The following day i went to the local coffeee shop and filled out the playslips. The draw was that afternoon and much to muy surprise. there was 5 tickets that had 4/5 numbers which is $100 marks each, plus several $1 wins. I can live with that. Excited and telling everyone I heard about a big win where they hit 5/5 using Lotto Logic, but so did two other players using lottery looper, so 3 people using your software hit 10k jackpots. I hope i’m next!!! love the system, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT I NO LONGER HAVE TO delete numbers and back test anymore, it used to take hours using other lotto software, right on! I literally can play with looper for hours on end and i play daily. Thanks for making playing the lotto fun with this system and I find it works really well for the midday PA too, like logic! Thank YOU.

Mary from Ft Myers, Florida writes:
Works well – Hello I only want to say thank you for your wonderful lottery looper program. I have been using the program since the beta and for a while right from the start I was hitting several numbers in playing the lotto. On my third try I won 450 dollars on a cash 3 ticket in my state of Florida. Since then i’ve hit a few small wins playing Fantasy 5 and Mega as well. I found this through the advice of friend at my exercise class, I will spread the good word to many of my friends about your software as well. It works well on my new computer which has windows 8.1 on it. Thanks for making this app.

Shelly Kayne from Grand Rapids, Michigan writes:
Im not suprised – I used lotto logic Pro for 2 years always coming close to winning the big one several times, until i won the jackpot of 48 Million using lottery looper. I had a good feeling when i first installed looper, never would have belived it was i was about to win with this software.

Barry Scott from Ontario, Canada writes:
Score!!! – Check it out i won $35,000 on the Ontario Daily Keno using Lotto Logic Pro.

Alfred Lumer from Sandusky, Ohio writes:
Life Long Customer – I want to write and let you know how much i love your lotto software programs, been using lotto logic a really long time and have had great success, and now especially your latest software lottery looper, which is off to a great start. I have been a big fan of lotto logic for many years and have practically perfected a steady income using your program Ohio lotto games. Thanks for the success I have had with your program. They want you to think you can’t beat the odds, i would not have had as much success as i have without your programs. A proud life long customer.

Walter Tapper from Williamsburg, VA writes:
No Contest – I use several systems to help predict lottery outcomes, your products have broken the mold. When it comes to usable information their is no contest.

Scott Potocki from Las Vegas, Nevada writes:
On to something – I bought your Lottery Looper about 2 weeks ago. I hit 7 small wins out of 15 tickets i played using 12 past draws as the locator suggested, you are on to somthing here as no other program or system i’ve used can pull that off, anyway, your Lottery Looper works!

F. Davies from Indiana writes:
Couple years – I’ve been using Lotto Logic software for two years the best I hit was 5 out of 6 numbers not too long ago in the Hoosier Lotto for a total amount of $4018.00. I’ve made another winnings and lots of free tickets. I just bought Lottery Looper, and hope it does as well, it looks very promising. Keep up the continued good work guys.

Don Plumb from Texas writes:
YES! – I won $90 playing the Texas Lotto. I’ve been using the new lottery looper, long time lotto logic user and loop won me $90. Love the new software keep up the good work, much appreciated. Thanks!

Mike Heid from Cherry Hill, New Jersey writes:
Thanks Guys – I just want to thank you guys for lotto logic and lottery looper, it’s not often you come across such exceptionally designeed software for playing the lotto. Both are small, light weight and very powerful programs which really work. I’ve not won huge amounts but i can say my average winning have increased, one draw using the lottery loooper program I won 452 bones in the Jersey Cash 5, the program hit 4 out of 5 on one of the 4 tickets i played that draw, lotto logic hit a 3 out of 5 on two other tickets. Mostly, I’m just very impressed with both programs, they are up to date and relevant, most other options are scams or ancient programs from the 90’s, anyone looking for good quality software look no further this is the best software I had ever used, for one simple reason, it does increase your winnings, it works! (a little plug for you guys), Thanks Guys!

Thomas Erne from Tappahannock, VA writes:
Thanks! for a such a great tool! – I have to write and thank you for your lottery looper program it is all i ever wanted for a number cruncher. I downloaded your unlimited free trial the first week of January 2014, I already knew you nailed 5 number lotto’s with lotto logic so was very curious about lottery looper software so i did a little testing, played a few Pick 5 games for the first month and In this time I had dropped about $25 on tickets, my roi was well over $100 so yes sir indeed you’ve done it again. Can’t wait what this month returns being i’m going to use $50 of that on tickets amining for a for a $500.00 roi hit, plus is should add that 4 three out of five hits contributed to the well over hun, well nearly $200 in prize money.

John Ash from Redwood City, CA writes:
The program that keeps on giving – I want to thank Lotto Logic for giving me regular winning numbers for the California Fantasy 5. Ever since i the draw i won the grand prize and split with 3 other people whom all had the same numbers which netted me a hefty $185,270.00, it still gets me some decent wins.

Daniel Kargie from the Netherlands writes:
Finally – THANKS!!!….and WOW! I downloaded the software and on my first play I had 4 tickets, I played 8 in total with 4/6 numbers correct for a $327.00 in winnings. So excited to play the lotto again after all these years.

Jacob Page from California writes:
Never in all my years – I never used any software to pick lotto numbers before, most of the time i never play because for me, it’s always been the best way at tossing money away that I personally can’t spare.
I saw some guy on TV about how he won the lottery 7 times and that the worst possible way to play is by using quick picks, and he said that’s why most people loose because we are by nature lazy so we just get a quick picks. What he said stuck, we are stupid to rely on quick picks. So i downloaded several programs but i have to say the first thing that stuck with me with your products, is you stand your ground on customers enterintg their own data and i’ll tell you why…
I downloaded trial versions of 6 programs two of them yours about a month ago. I admittedly stalled on yours because you had to enter your own data, so i continued on with the others, and ouch they are utterly useless, i played a total of 4 times with each and nothing, one program actually got 1 number, lol.
Almost gave up as evidently these programs that post huge winners are bogus, so i rolled up my sleeves and entered about 10 draws in each program and the third time i played mega 4 out of 5 numbers on 4 out of 5 tickets. $150 x 2 = $300 and 3 of5 + MB x 2 = 300 I even scored a 3 out of 5 for $7 ticket. ALL winners, all winners, all winners!!! Never in all my years.
You know i have to thank you I just graduated a year ago and still looking for a job in my field this certainly helps pay a few bills!
In closing i just wanted to say THANK YOU! and that i get it, i toally get why you believe it’s best to put us in control of our game, by entering the numbers myself i was much more familiar with the history or something, bottom line bro it works.
Seriously if your going to be lazy and use a program which supplies data, take it from ne you may as well use quick picks because you’ll have allot more luck with those than what they were coughing up. Thanks again for standing firm on that guys! I believe.

Nicole Cray from Hadfield, Australia writes:
Informed – I could not be more impressed with Lotto Logic. It was my second try using the program, when it showed 5 numbers i fell out of my chair, when i realized they were all on the same line, total of my win $1731. So glad i went with Lotto Logic as my number prediction software! Thank you for taking the time to write such a great program for us who like to play informed.

Edyta Stelmach from Hofgeismar, Germany writes:
Several Wins so far – I have to thank you for my several wins playing the German lotto. I won 6aus49 this past Saturday with 4 numbers including the bonus, 2 other draws before that i got 3 numbers using a range of 17 thanks to the range finder system. Your program is by far the best around and I’m fairly sure i’ve tried them all. My experience so far has proven to me that Lotto Logic does extremely well at picking up on at least 5 or 6 of the winning numbers across a few tickets, it’s incredible to how it knows. Bye, Until my next win.

Serena Valetino from Plano, Texas writes:
New Year New Program – I have been using the program since the start of this year, i finally decided to get a new program, i can now say i’m soooooooo glad i did. Over $200 in wins and only spent about 20 in tickets since purchasing the program. Thank you Lotto Logic!

Tim Dorsey from Bay City, MI writes:
Showed me, it does work well – I bought a new windows 8.1 computer and recently purchased your program last week. I played Michigan Fantasy 5 for the second time on 1/11/2014. The winning numbers were 04-10-16-20-35. I had 04-12-16-20-35. Thanks for the $420 win the 10 was on two other lines of the 4 tickets i created. Show me the $$$$!

Aamina Essa from London, England writes:
What more is there to say? – I won $9700.00 playing the UK lottery, i was so close to the million!

Jill Abbot from Maryland, PA writes:
Playing the lotto is fun again – How many times have you heard this before, and I’m sure your tired of hearing it but here goes. The very first set of tickets I created with Lotto Logic, I won. I only had the app pick 4 tickets. With my winnings i purchased lotto logic with lots to spend on myself ? Since that purchase my wins have certainly increased nearly every draw. When you use these other programs and you lose draw after draw playing is no longer fun, but I am excited to play the lotto again thanks to this program, playing the lotto is FUN AGAIN!!!

Daniel Chang from Hong Kong writes:
2nd Prize – I won 2nd prize in the Hong Kong Lottery. I have had great success with the Number System that uses 12 numbers with a 22 range.

Tom Goodey Jr. from New York writes:
Lottery software that actually works! – I won $586 playing the New York Lottery. I didn’t expect much but I won money on my very first time i used the program! Using the number System range set at 8 i got all 6 numbers across my 7 selected tickets and won on the 4th prize. Matched 3 regular numbers and 1 supplemental number in all 7.

Jeremy from Fresno, California writes:
I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM – I downloaded your program the other night, only to take it for a test drive … low and behold … … IT GOT ALL 5!!! … Would have won $512,000 in the California Fantasy 5… I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE and EVERYONE WHO PLAYS THE LOTTO. I’m winning now and if you’re not using Timersoft’s program…the odds you’re playing with are reduced well over 500%. Sharing this info isn’t in my best interest as I’d prefer to keep all the winnings to myself but I’m just so damn excited at how well it works! ?

Stan from Dallas, Texas writes:
Brilliant program!. – I was trying out your software with the unlimited trial and already won $552.00. i bought it of course. You guys really do have a lottery software program that works, you got a good thing going here. As you guys say “with a little luck and logic” and with the help i get from using your software, I’m hoping i’ll perhaps win it big soon, like all the people i’ve seen on TV and read in the paper have. Thanks again guys!

Avalina from New Jersey writes:
Fantastic program – A quick note as i’d love let you know how fantastic this program is. The last 4 weeks it seems that I can’t lose. I’ve hit the Pick 3 in New Jersey over 16 times boxed so far, not to mention the four number win in the New Jersey Pick 6. Awesome!!!!! All it takes is a little elbow grease, perseverance and experience and voila, numbers fall into place. I’m hesitant to play some days because I know I’m going to to hit again. The national lottery is in trouble. Keep up the stellar work guys.

Colin from New York writes:
Love it! – I have three different types of lotto software that I have purchase over the years and I’ am kicking them to the curb, Lotto Logic is great stuff and is Excellent Software bar none. Thank You Mr.

George from Delaware writes:
THIRD PRIZE WINNER!!! – First of all you have a great product! I play lotto every so often and sometimes I get a couple numbers here and there, but never won anything. I registered my copy, input about #220 past draws, followed the five easy steps, printed out the tickets, filled in the cards and I was off to the lotto agent. The drawing took place and I’m writing you the morning after, a third prize winner and can’t believe it!!!!!!! For all those people who do not believe in these programs, and I was one of them, you have made me a believer. In one drawing I have made back my investment of the lifetime membership. Congratulations on a great product! Sincerely,

P. (CT.) from Africa writes:
Done it again: – Two x three number lines this time considering until last week when we bought your program we had never won before – this is just too good to be true. I had been playing around with the “Range finder” and used the numbers that it threw up. Many thanks again.

Ken and Jean from Vancouver writes:
THANK YOU!! – Richard,
I want to profusely thank you for your PROMPT responses to questions that I may have. I can honestly say that, in no way, did I expect such help and promptness. THANK YOU!! I’m glad that you mentioned the help file, for I was wondering if there was a book or brochure of some type to help one learn how to use the program. I take it that the Help file is what I need to study??
Thanks much,

Hahn from Germany writes:
Glad I found it: – I really like the software and I am glad I found it. I will tell other gaming enthusiasts about it.

Shaun from Kentucky writes:
Lotto Logic ? – I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the quick and speedy replies. It’s customer service like this that makes me glad to have registered.

Scott from Florida writes:
Re: THANK YOU…THANK YOU: – I half-heatedly typed in one years worth of cash 3 Florida Lottery numbers (they have 3 years worth on their web site) and skeptically played 15 numbers. 50 box and won 80.00!!!! It cost me approximately $6.00. The winning number was 934…I played 349. Talk about quick results! Thanks!!!!!!

Mary from Scottsdale writes:
Update – Program has already more than paid for itself. Still winning – 2 x 3 numbers on Wednesday last and 1 x 4 numbers tonight. Still so very hard to believe that we are now winning!

Barb and Gord from Ontario writes:
Lotto Logic Pro: – I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoy your Lotto Logic program. I searched for a long time for a program that was both well designed and fun to use and I think I’ve found in yours.

Mark from Arizona writes:
What a deal: – When I purchased a lifetime membership for $19.95 during version 3.0 I was wondering if there what was a catch. Well no catch I win more frequently with your program than i do with 50 dollar programs and you keep on delivering new updates and versions, AT NO CHARGE, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have restored my faith in shareware industry. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Paul from Italy writes:
Woot! – Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

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Lottery Guy

What we have is some nicely designed lottery software. But not the usual type of silly analysis that other lottery systems insist on cramming in, such as looking for odds/evens, highs/lows etc. No, this looks at recent past results, and hunts down trends that help you.


Things update before your eyes as you move through results and histories. Everything is also nicely color coded making it easy to see what is happening. If you’re fed up with over-complicated tools that baffle you with endless useless graphs and statistics – get this.


Lotto Logic Professional comes packed with smart and handy features for helping you increase the chances of winning the lottery, and is suitable for rookies and professionals. Searches through the entire database in order to find the best range of past draws.