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Select Lottery Numbers


Lotto Effect Lottery Software

1) This is your personal pool where you build, tweak, and modify your numbers every draw.
2) This is where you adjust your pools limits.
3) Displays the percentage gains of your pool limit selections.
4) Displays the point gains of your pool limit selections.
5) The main display.
6) Trend patterns.
7) The number being focused on.
8) Boxed set of numbers results.
9) Selected Pool Results

Points – When a number is the hot zone it will be awarded 2 points, if the number is in the blue zone it will be awarded 1 point. If the number is only displayed in the blue zone it will not be awarded any points as there will be no percentage gain for that number. Click here for a video demonstration.

Percentages – Points support percentage gains by adding value to the numbers score. For example, if the number 12 scored 100% gain with 2 points due to it showing in your hot zone once and not present in the blue zone, whereas 37 scored 100% gain as well, but had 6 points as it showed three times in your hot zone and not at all in the blue zone, then 37 has much more value in its 100% score. You can watch this section by clicking here.

The percentage score a number will receive is based on how many times it appeared in your pool selection of the full set and hot zone.

The blue pool is the full set selected, the hot zone is a subset of the full set which is the focus in that if a number scores a high percentage in any combination of it showing in the hot zone, and or in the blue, and hot zone it will receive a percentage gain score. If it only shows in the blue zone by itself or in the remainder of history not analyzed, it will not receive a percentage score as there was no percentage gain.

Patterns – When any number is focused upon a pattern will be displayed, click here for a demonstration. This adds value to your choices by observing how often it shows up either consistently or abundantly. When a number shows signs of showing up draw after draw this is called by any lotto pro a double or triple, and in rare instances quadruple, quintuple and beyond, this number should receive extra consideration as a candidate for your personal pool.

Additional points of interest – You can also box any set as demonstrated here. You can box whatever you want however its main purpose to give a clear view of a number’s performance over the most recent draws. In pick 3, and 4 type draws you can select only a single column as well.

You do not have to use set 1 and set 2 to obtain percentage gains one is sufficient, however a second one is provided to give another snapshot for another time frame if desired.

Lottery Prediction SoftwareItem 9 on the first screen ‘Selected Pool Results’ if you do not specify and set it will update and will only update the results.

This can be useful if you want to know how many hits with a specific number of past draws. To view how many times a number appeared drag over the separator as displayed here.

Here we find that over the last 100 draws the number 51 has appeared 23 times. You can select any amount of past draws and update the values independantly of specifiing set 1 or 2.




Putting it all together – Accumulating positive numbers in your personal pool is the focus of the Select Lottery Numbers screen, using the wealth of information provided in an easy-to-understand clear format. This pool will be the main source of value when creating tickets.

Lotto Effect is super flexible, and one might wonder what is best or how do I even start. One thing to know is that another spotlight of this program is that the personal pool is persistent, meaning you will build, tweak, and modify it as often as you want and should know that it’s not only trying to target the next draw but the next draw and as many draws beyond that as you wish.

Monitor numbers to be sure they are maintaining positive gains, and you can do this every draw or every 5 draws, or even once a month, how often is up to you. The personal pool itself is completely unrestricted in how you want to store your numbers. Use the top row for your hottest numbers and work them down if you feel they are cooling (however remember they were once top selections and some numbers love to come back around), where the bottom row are numbers, you are thinking of eventually letting go.

Use percentages to help separate out numbers gaining momentum, along with points to add value to the percentage gains. At the very bottom of the screen using points alone as a guide is a speedy way to identify numbers of interest. Box several last draws to identify if the number has been drawn recently. Observe a numbers pattern on the Main Display, or the Trend Patterns display. Does it show up consistently and or consecutively, abundantly, or rarely, this is also another powerful way to know what numbers to pay attention to.

Finally, how many past draws to use is another aspect of consideration. Again, this is also adaptable for use with any strategy you would like to use. Some players like to always use the same amount of draws every draw, some like to use a certain parentage of all draws, this is the 57/36 on item number nine, the selected pool results. For example, of fourteen draws 8 past draws were selected as the full set, and 5 draws for the hot zone, which is 57% of all past draws, and 36% of all past draws.

The amount of past draws to select is a personal decision. Some players use many past draws, some like to keep it tight and only use very recent results. This is also why set 2 was added as it reveals yet another great way to select, monitor and observer numbers, you have the option to observe both. Was the number strong over a long period of time and still most recently.

Once you put it altogether the depth and value provided in an easy to digest display makes using the program not only expansive in solid high value information, but fun to use at the same time.

Create Lottery Tickets


Lotto Effect Lotto Software

1) Set 1 percentages and points.
2) Set 2 percentages and points.
3) Your personal pool.
4) The main display of the ticket being created.
5) Past results.
6) All tickets created during current session.
7) Ticket creation options.
8) Saved tickets for the next draw.

On this screen you only interact with main ticket creation screen, item 4 the ticket creation and item 7 ticket options. This is to maintain focus on creating tickets. Using your personal pool as a guide clicking the select button will give you a mix of numbers from your lotteries pool of numbers. When a number from your personal pool is in the mix of numbers you can tag it, meaning it will be held when clicking Select again.

All the important information from the select lottery numbers screen is provided here for reference without having to switch back to that screen. You can click above a number and a color will be assigned, if you do not like the color, click again until one you prefer for that number is provided.

The color will identify its location for easy reference on the past lottery’s history, your created tickets so far, and in the sets of 1 and 2, its points and percentages. You can also use the tickets options, item 7, and single out points and or percentages on the main ticket screen.

When you are happy with a ticket set select keep and it will be permanently stored for the next draw. There is also a running history of every ticket created during the current session which you could recall any ticket previously created. Of note when the program is closed the running history will not be saved where your saved created tickets will be.

On the right just above your saved created tickets item 8, there is a little plus symbol. Clicking it provides additional options. You can show your running history. To select and bring back a ticket from the running history, click the very left box as show in this video here.

When you have a large amount of numbers in your personal pool one popular option is to keep ones which match several of the numbers form your personal pool. This provides a mix within your numbers.

You can also control as much of the selection as you want, as shown in this video here. Tag as many numbers as you want, highlight as many as you want for reference, of note too many colors can be confusing it’s best to only highlight a few at a time.

Check Lottery Tickets


Best Lottery Software

1) Winning draws numbers.
2) Options displayed by clicking the plus symbol on the left top side of the calendar.
3) Tickets results.
4) Enter winning draws numbers.
5) Past lottery results.
6) Your personal pool.
7) Set 1 percentages and points.
8) Set 2 percentages and points.

This is a combo screen as when entering past draws it will also check your tickets at the same time.

When entering numbers with the auto numbers check-marked it will automatically proceed to the next box when the box is full. If it is not check marked, you hit the enter key on your keyboard to clear and advance to the next number to enter. When all the numbers of that draw have been entered click Save, and it will automatically be added to your lottery’s history. All screens will be cleared when any change is made to the lotteries history.

For lotteries with 2-digit numbers you can enter a zero before entering a single digit number. For example, if 9 was entered you would have to use the enter key to advance, however you enter 09 it will advance automatically. For pick type lotteries where all the numbers are single digit the program knows this and will advance automatically for you.

When a number is entered that number will automatically be checked with your created tickets for that draw as shown in this video here. Where the numbers appear on the left just below that number are two pieces of information, first one is the number of times that number appeared in your tickets, the second one will be a yes or no of whether it was your personal pool.

The ticket screen will also indicate by color on every ticket it appeared on. Even more each ticket will have a value on the left indicating how many numbers have hit on that ticket and the more hits will change the color to highlight that ticket.

On the left of the calendar is a little plus symbol, click it to reveal more options. Use it to save your favorite site for official results, this is the only place to get numbers with 100% accuracy. Your lottery will often provide a page like this one here.

To delete a ticket, select the box on the immediate left and then click delete as shown here. If you make a mistake when entering numbers simply double-click the incorrect number on item 1 Winning draws numbers, it will clear, and you can enter the number again. If a draw was saved incorrectly it will have to be deleted and reentered.

Auto date can be turned off for lotteries which have several draws on the same day. If your lottery has more than one draw on the same day use the same date. You can click the date on the calendar to change the date.

When entering many draws at once take advantage of the Auto Save, and or the Auto New features. Auto Save will automatically save the draw once all the numbers are entered, and if Auto New is checked it will, clear all screens and start a new draw for you. View this video here.

New Lottery Setup

There are many, many different types of lotteries worldwide and Lotto Effect can be configured for all of them. All you need to know is what is the pool parameters, for example 0 to 9 for pick type lotteries, or 1 to 54, or 1 to 69 for more standard lotteries where there is only one pool which is being drawn from. If you have a bonus number also drawn form that pool, indicate that by changing How many bonus numbers are drawn. If there is no bonus number leave it set to zero.

Some lotteries require the player to also select the bonus number prior to the draw, meaning you will need to fill this out on your ticket, also the number is coming from a completely different pool, unlike a straight up bonus which is just that, an extra number drawn for addition prizes.

The following screen is how Powerball would be configured. These lotteries are using two different pools, each pool is analyzed separately within the program as they should be.

powerball lottery

As every Lotto Logic and Lottery Looper fan knows, Lotto Effect has only just begun and will grow exponentially over the next couple years with new versions and features, all free with the one time fee. Already off to an incredible start, a completely overhauled interface from version 1.0 to 1.1 to provide better overall clarity. Enjoy!







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