Ahhh Lottery Looper, the most unknown piece of information about Lottery Looper is that this Lottery Prediction Software was never planned, was not on any of our road maps, we were already putting down the foundation principles for Lotto Effect which was going to be the next product in the lineup.

So, what happened you’re probably asking yourself, great question, glad you asked ?

The development tool we built Lotto Logic with had limits which we found out by surprise or being the only developers on the planet to squeeze every drop out of the tool, we do not know, as no other developer ever ran into the issue, but after several meetings with Microsoft this was the case, we hit a ceiling, they were blown away, apparently, they did not even know.

What we also learned is that Lotto Logic players loathe with a passion when we start making major changes to thier lottery prediction software, we randomly selected customers to join the beta testing. For any of the beta testers reading this, YES, we HEARD you loud and clear, stop BEEP’ing with a product which works so well. Just STOP! Please just leave it alone.

What happened within this complication is we decided to upgrade Lotto Logic to a new development tool, which was far more work than we first thought. We were looking at a complete rewrite from the ground up, brand new programming language, brand new tool, there was no other way this could be done.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

First iteration was much like Lotto Logic but with slight differences, to go into every detail would be too much information for this blog, but several things were happening all at once. Nearly 100% of Lotto Logic customers were outraged with even the slightest difference. Bottom line they wanted us to just leave it alone, and yeah ok we got it. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! Right, got it!

Other things going on during this process is we were coming up with all kinds of amazing ideas which we loved, and so did the mass majority of our testers. We were getting replies that they loved the new feature’s but not in lotto logic and they thought it’d be better suited with a similar Lotto Logic like a Lotto Logic 2.0 as in Two Point Zero, reimagined type of thing, even though we were already on version 4 or 5 at the time. We got the message.

If memory serves the only thing, we wanted to add by Lotto Logic version 7 was the auto archiving and due to some super impressive code magic, and much thanks to MS, we were able to fit all our road map for the product in by Version 7, and YES 100% YES, we promise to leave it alone, only changes we have made since and will make in the future are minor changes for OS compatibility.

Tangent, get us talking shop about lottery products and dive for cover… look out, lol ?

Back on track, so when did Lottery Looper become an actual thing?

Well, it didn’t right away, here we are with Lotto Logic so popular, a fully working product with no name packed with features our customers were pleading with us to give to them and a foundation laid out for Lotto Effect. Since there was a solid base completed for Lottery Looper, the product with no name yet, we decided to drop the mic and release it to the masses and find out if it works for lottery players.

Original Lottery Looper
Version 1.0 Lottery Looper

BOOM! Huge acceptance, people were so pleased with their results from this lottery prediction software and once again another honest straight up lottery program which was not a scam. It was incredible the love shown for this program (Thank You!) and was starting to dwarf Lotto Logic, we did it again!

But one problem, and a big one.

The name, we honestly did not know what to call it, so we just named it Lottery Results, I know so imaginative! Here is a site which we struggled with to get the name changed but was met with resistance for some reason, so it was never changed and yeah good because it’s proof of how honest we are, Building the best lottery software is what we do! Softonic Lottery Software Lottery Results Download

How the name came about was we were receiving email praise of how much they liked the new product, how well their results were, and in there was a common theme. People loved the Single Display and kept referring to how they love the loop, wasn’t much of stretch from there and affectionally titled it Lottery Looper, had a nice ring to it, no pun intended, get it, ring, circle, loop! The lottery community named it.

In the end we went full steam ahead with Lottery Looper and put Lotto Effect on hold. We love when a product we worked so hard on is finally released as we can start using it as well. When working on it we are so laser focus on specific systems and to be honest we don’t really know how it will play out by the time it is completed, we only hope the vision comes to full fruition. Also, after release we can take the time to absorb the mass amount of wonderful feedback we receive, get a feel for what we want and most importantly what lotto players want and voila here we are at Version 2.5.

Lottery Looper Software
Version 2.5 Lottery Looper

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