Lottery number generator based on previous results. Would you like a lottery number generator tool which would assist in selecting numbers in the real world? Help identify combinations, probabilities of numbers that have better chance of winning than from all the numbers in your lotteries pool.

Can you trust most lottery number generator based on previous results? The answer is sadly no because there are so many devious sites that produce the worst combinations for winning the lotto as they only exist to take your money through false hope and of course they promise you that you can trust them.

You cannot do real deep analysis on a mobile phone, would you build, Hibernia, or do clinical research on phone or tablet, yeah that is as silly as any site telling you can do this level of analysis for selecting numbers on a mobile phone, it is just not done, it is silly to be honest.

Hey but do not forget you can trust them as they try and convince you to give them money for nothing. We will in the future have a mobile option but is going to be a fun app for on the go.

They will try and convince you that high, low, and medium selection is the golden ticket, but based on what exactly? How many past draws? 1, 2, 5 or maybe or ten years old back-end data (which you cannot visibly view by the way).

Sadly, they are just random number generators at the end of the day.

They usually have long winded sites with lots to say about nothing, lots of nonsense such as 1,2,3,4,5,6 is a bad combination, and their solution would never do that, Oh Boy let me get my credit card straight away. Seriously? come on!

Or they will throw on some coin phrase like Smart Numbers which in reality could be smart as they will only “randomly” generate numbers in your lotteries pool for example if the pool is 1 to 51, well yeah, it’s smart they don’t throw 99 out you lmao.

What to understand is they are based on nothing, as for example Lotto Logic, Lottery Looper are firmly based in recognizing and delivering how many past draws you should use. Where Lotto Effect is based on numbers gaining momentum.

Such solid concepts based in reality, so sensible. Systems like this are far better suited to use on robust systems such as computers, and they require actual hard work to create, so instead, they take the easy route by trying to con you with a bunch of gibberish and lets not forget that 1,2,3,4,5,6 is a bad combination, it’s literally comical with the gobbledegook they can dream up.

They biggest red flag out there in the wild is the dreaded paywall, there has never been a larger red flag, Oh sure sometimes they give you a free trial that is nothing other than the ability to say that they can give you a free lottery software trial as they try and hook you in to their con.

I mean they are good at one thing, first class snake oil salesmen that’s for sure. Then you fork over your money only to find that it’s useless trash, and that 100% money back guarantee only works if the moon is bright purple, and the sun doesn’t come up in the morning, welp sorry no money back for you. Despicable.

That is why we let you test drive all you want, no feature restrictions, all features fully enabled, you can test drive the products all you want and for as long as you want as there is no time limit either, there is nothing to hide, so no reason to hide behind a paywall.

When you think about it, if we can give you 100% no feature restrictions, why can’t they? Yes I know too, they wouldn’t exist because right up front, you’d find out that it was a scam well before you gave them any money.

lottery number generator based on previous results
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