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“Lottery Looper made this a lot easier than I’m used to.” Dean

Increased Odds?

Lottery Looper is lottery prediction software which helps you make the smartest informed lottery choices possible. It is a lottery program which works with any lotto worldwide, including Powerball type lotteries, and all Pick Lotteries.

Lottery Software Features

  • Color-coded number display lets you know what is hot and what’s not.
  • Essential modes: Range, Explore, Create, and Check help guide you.
  • Range Locator is fully customizable to use the options you want.
  • Explore Draws literally enables you explore your data on the fly.
  • Create future numbers using the above features plus many more frequency options.
  • Check your tickets with a click of a button thanks to auto calendar.

Lottery Looper is Next Generation Lottery Software

Lottery Looper Check Lottery Tickets
  • Take complete control of the numbers you play using Lottery Looper’s ability to add/remove history on the fly.
  • Our Range Locator trend aware lottery prediction software helps you locate the best number of past draws to use in selecting numbers for the next draw.
  • Find frequencies such as pairs, highs, lows, last show, and many more, with more coming in future updates!
  • Auto calendar aids in entry and sets up the numbers for the next draw for easy checking.
  • The Explore function allows you to dynamically browse through all your data.
  • All on one single display makes it extremely easy to use.
  • Enter data within seconds thanks to the built-in browser.

This is only a summary of what can be accomplished with this new lottery software.

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Don’t take our word for it

“Highly Recommend! I used 15 past draws as recommended by Lottery Looper range locator and created 57 tickets for the California Fantasy 5 on Friday. I was so surprised when I got 4 out of 5 numbers for $358 bucks, 2 sets of 3 out of 5 numbers i made $26, 17 sets hit 2 out of 5 numbers on replays. Your software is great! I am so glad I found your web site. I highly recommend your software, It does work!”

Margaret - Oceanside, California


But good grief, how did you breakout such a solid system? A perfect balance between consistency and ease of use is something that gives amazing structure to the software. Without it I would be lost


Far more focus on increasing the odds than any other system which is the more targeted goal on winning some lottery money and incredible easy to use.


 I was lucky enough to catch one of your videos, intrigued, i thought i’d give it a try, first lotto i played i was convinced there is finally something which works!

Lottery Looper Software